Wavelet Transform for Bearing Faults Diagnosis

Auteurs :  H. Bendjama, S. Bouhouche, A. K. MOUSSAOUI
Année : 2013
Domaine : Automatique
Type : Article de journal
Revue : Advances in Control Engineering (ACE)
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Mots clés : fault diagnosis; vibration analysis; rotating machinery; monitoring; wavelet transform

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Fault diagnosis is useful for ensuring the safe running of machines. Vibration analysis is one of the most important techniques for fault diagnosis of rotating machinery; as the vibration signal carries the dynamic information of the system. Many signal analysis methods are able to extract useful information from vibration data. In the present work, we are interested to the vibration signal analysis by the wavelet transform. The monitoring results indicate that the wavelet transform can diagnose the abnormal change in the measured data.