Effects of Boundary Conditions and Operating Parameters on Temperature Distribution during the Friction Stir Welding Process

Type : Publication
Auteur(s) :  M. BOUKRAA, M. AISSANI, N. LEBAAL, D. Bassir, A. Mataoui, N.Tal Ighil, Hao YUE
Année :  2021
Domaine : Physique
Revue : IOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering
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Mots clés :  Frictio n Stir Welding, Heat transfer, AA2195-T8

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This work deals with a numerical simulation of the friction stir welding FSW process of alloy material AA2195-T8. A 3D transient thermal model for simulating the heat transfer phenomena in the welding phase is applied. In this model, the FSW tool is considered as a circular heat source moving in a rectangular plate having a cooling surface and subjected to nonuniformandnon-homogeneousboundaryconditions.ThethermalproblemissolvedusingthefiniteelementmethodaspartofaLagrangianformulation.TheobtainedresultsallowustodeterminethemaximumvalueofthetemperatureintheNuggetzoneoftheweldedjoint.Duringthisprocess,thethermalcycleandthetemperaturedistributionweredeterminedfordifferentvaluesoftheweldingprocessparameters.Theobtainednumericalresultsareingoodagreementwiththeoneavailableintheliterature.