Synthesis of Lead-Free Ceramicsof the Perovskite Type for PiezoelectricApplications by Conventional Solid-StateReaction

Type : Publication
Auteur(s) :  K. Sedda, R. Djafar, K. Boumchedda, F. Boukazouha, M. Latef
Année :  2020
Domaine : Sciences et génie des matériaux
Revue : Proceedings of the 4th International Symposium on Materials and Sustainable Developmen
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Mots clés :  Lead free ceramics, synthesis, ;, microstructure, Perovskite

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Structural properties of BaTiO3, CaTiO3 and Ba0.85Ca0.15Ti0.9Zr0.1O3 prepared by conventional solid state reaction technique, at different calcinations temperatures 1100, 1150 and 1280 °C and sintering temperatures (1200and 1300 °C) are studied. These compositions were selected because of theirinteresting piezoelectric properties. To follow the decomposition process of theprecursor, a differential thermal analysis coupled with thermogravimetric analysis (ATG-ATD) was performed. Structural parameters are analyzed by X-raydiffraction (XRD) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The obtained resultsshowed clearly the synthesis of the perovskite phase. The diffractogram illustratesthat BCTZ symmetry is both cubic with a Pm-3 m space group and orthorhombic with a R3m space group, the calculated phase rates are respectively 10% and90%. The results allowed us to specify the effect of sintering temperatures on thestructural properties of ceramics.