Copper removal in solution by sawdust: kinetic and thermodynamic study

Type : Publication
Auteur(s) :  T. CHOUCHANE, A. Boukari, A. Bendjama, O. Khireddine, S. chibani
Année :  2018
Domaine : Génie Chimique
Revue : Journal of Materials and Environmental Sciences
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Mots clés :  Cooper, adsorption, sawdust, water, pollution

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This study presents the results obtained when okoumé sawdust is used for the removalof copper contained in wastewater. The tests show that one gram of sawdust can fix29.56 mg of copper, according to the Langmuir model with kinetics of the pseudo firstorder where the time of the pseudo equilibrium is reached after 40 minutes of agitation.The elimination is envisaged in batch mode, at 20 ° C, a stirring speed of 200 rpm, atpH value of 4.4 and a particle size between 500 ≤ Ø < 700μm. Measured results alsoreveal that external diffusion controls the speed of the overall process of adsorption anddiffusion into the pores is not the only mechanism limiting kinetics. The thermodynamicstudy shows that this sorption is spontaneous , exothermic and that no changes havebeen made in the structure of the sawdust