Analysis of the Electromagnetic Interferences betweenOverhead Power Lines and Buried Pipelines

Type : Publication
Auteur(s) :  M'hamed OUADAH, Mourad ZERGOUG
Année :  2014
Domaine : Génie électrique
Revue : Mediterranean Journal of Modeling and Simulation
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Mots clés :  AC interference, Induced Voltages, Electric Power Transmission Lines, pipeline, AC Corrosion, Corrosion protection.

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The Analysis of electromagnetic interference between high voltage overhead power transmission lines and nearby gas/oil pipeline has been a topic of growing interest for many years. When pipelines are located in shared row with power lines, the pipeline can incur high induced voltages and currents due the AC interference. The induced voltage on pipeline can be dangerous for operator to touch the pipeline as well as pipe corrosion can result from AC discharge. This research evaluates and analyzes the electromagnetic interference effects on oil and gas buried pipelines created by the nearby high voltage transmission lines. The aim is to evaluate the AC corrosion likelihoods of pipelines and suggest proper mitigation solutions.