Numerical study of air preheating effect on NOx emissions in a heating furnace

Type : Publication
Année :  2016
Domaine : Génie mécanique
Revue : International Journal of Computational and Experimental Science and Engineering (IJCESEN)
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Mots clés :  pollutant emission, industrials burners, turbulent combustion

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This work aims to evaluate the reduce pollutant emission by steel reheating furnaces and operating process of the diffusion flame industrials burners. The example developed here is particularly interested in the influence of the air preheating temperature on NOx emissions as well as the dynamic characteristics and heat flow. The study was conducted on an industrial gas burners 250kilowatt. Numerical simulations are per formed using the computer code FLUENT, using the turbulence standard k-ε model coupled to turbulent combustion ED (Eddy Dissipation). The probability density function PDF model (6 species and reactions 3) with a chemical equilibrium model. The results obtained for different air preheat temperatures show that NOx emissions depend on the air preheat temperature.