Bayesian Pressure Snake forWeld Defect Detection

Type : Publication
Auteur(s) :  A. B. Goumeidane, M. Khamadja, N. Nacereddine
Année :  2009
Domaine : Electronique
Revue : Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS)
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Mots clés :  Snake, images segmentation, pdf estimation, radiographic images, Non Destructive Inspection

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Image Segmentation plays a key role in automatic weld defect detectionand classification in radiographic testing. Among the segmentation methods,boundary extraction based on deformable models is a powerful techniqueto describe the shape and then deduce after the analysis stage, the type of thedefect under investigation. This paper describes a method for automatic estimationof the contours of weld defect in radiographic images. The method uses astatistical formulation of contour estimation by exploiting statistical pressuresnake based on non-parametric modeling of the image. Here the edge energy isreplaced by a region energy which is a function of statistical characteristics ofarea of interest.