Trace and essential elements determination in baby formulas milkby INAA and k0-INAA techniques

Auteurs :  L.Hamidatou, H.Slamene, T.Akhal, A.Boulegane
Année : 2014
Domaine : Physique
Type : Article de journal
Revue : Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry
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Mots clés : Trace and essential elements, NAA method, Milk products, Analysis

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As a part of the food analysis program executedat Es-Salam research reactor by neutron activation analysislaboratory, the concentration of As, Ba, Br, Ca, Fe, K, La,Rb and Zn in baby formulas milk have been determined byusing INAA and k0-NAA techniques. It was found that theconcentration of all elements obtained by both techniqueswas relatively identical for the three brands of the 0–6 and6–12 months of analyzed samples. In addition, the analyticalresults have been compared with those given byproducers.