Réactivité électrochimique des électrodes composites (polymères conducteurs, catalyseurs) appliquées à l’électrocatalyse et à la dépollution.

Type : Thèse de doctorat
Auteur(s) :  Abderrazak HAMAM
Directeurs du mémoire/thèse :  -
Année :  (En préparation)
Domaine : Génie Chimique
Etablissement :  Université Abderrahmane Mira de Béjaia
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Mots clés :  Polypyrrole, cellulosic, CuO, electrocatalysis, Nitrate

Résumé :

The aim of this work is to synthesize polypyrrole (PPy) films on nonconducting cellulosic substrateand modified by copper oxide particles for use in the nitrate electroreduction process. Firstly, thechemical polymerization of polypyrrole onto cellulosic substrate is conducted by using FeCl3 as anoxidant and pyrrole as monomer. The thickness and topography of the difierent PPy films obtainedwere estimated using a profilometer apparatus. The electrochemical reactivity of the obtainedelectrodes was tested by voltamperometry technique and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy.Secondly, the modification of the PPy film surface by incorporation of copper oxide particles isconducted by applying a galvanostatic procedure from a CuCl2 solution. The SEM, EDX and XRD analysis showed the presence of CuO particles in the polymer films with dimensions less than 50 nm.From cyclic voltamperometry experiments, the composite activity for the nitrate electroreductionreaction was evaluated and the peak of nitrate reduction is found to vary linearly with initial nitrateconcentration.