Application of Wavelet Transform for Inner Race Fault (IRF) Diagnosis in Bearings of Rotating Machines

Type : Article de conférence
Auteur(s) :  "A.BOUDIAF, A.K.MOUSSAOUI, S.Taleb, D.Idiou, R.BOULKROUNE
Année :  2013
Domaine : Génie électrique
Conférence: 1st International Conference on Electrical Energy and Systems
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Mots clés :  Vibration analysis, Fault Diagnosis, Rotating machines, Wavelet transform, Envelope Detection

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On-line vibration monitoring of Rotary Machines is a fundamental axis of development and industrialresearch. Its purpose is to provide knowledge about the working condition of machines at each moment withoutstopping the production line. This method allows avoiding the production losses related to breakdowns and reducingoverall maintenance costs. Bearing fault diagnosis is important in vibration monitoring of any rotating machine.Early fault detection in machineries can save millions of dollars in emergency maintenance cost. In this paper we areinterested to the vibration signal processing by Application of Wavelet Transform for Inner Race Fault (IRF)Diagnosis in bearings, the suggested Technique is applied to real vibratory signals obtained from the Case WesternReserve University Bearing Data Centre. From the monitoring results, the effectiveness of the Wavelet Transformmethod was proven.