Comparative study of the thermal behavior of the tribological couples copper-graphite and graphitegraphite

Type : Article de conférence
Année :  2014
Domaine : Mécanique
Conférence: The 4th International Conference on Welding, Non Destructive Testing and Materials and Alloys Industry (IC-WNDT-MI’14)
Lieu de la conférence:  Annaba, Algeria
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Mots clés :  Temperature, contact, friction, copper, graphite. normal load, sliding speed

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The dry tribological behavior copper-graphite and graphite-graphite pairs in sliding contact is studied. The tests were carried out with a pin-on-disc tribometer in ambient air. The experimental results show the evolution of the temperature as a function of the normal load and the sliding speed. These results show that these two parameters have a significant influence on the variation of the average contact temperature. The discussion of results is based on observations by optical microscope and interfacial phenomena resulting from friction