The Importance of Applying Artificial Intelligence on Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Type : Article de conférence
Auteur(s) :  Amine Mohammed TABERKIT, Ahmed KECHIDA, Abdelmalek BOUGUETTAYA
Année :  2019
Domaine : Electronique
Conférence: 4th International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Control Applications
Lieu de la conférence:  Constantine, Algérie
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Mots clés :  UAV, machine learning, Artificial intelligence, System, Drone

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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are used in several applications and they are growing in popularity. Recent progress in unmanned aerial vehicles and artificial intelligence constitutes a new chance for an autonomous operation and flight. Nowadays, artificial intelligence and deep learning are driving the evolution of UAVs and fueling their autonomous future. Computer vision achieved very important progress in image classification and segmentation, and object detection, which make it very attractive research field when it is applied on unmanned aerial vehicle. Artificial intelligence is not only important and benefic, but can be rather, dangerous and serious matter since the UAVs learns through algorithms, and use that for future decision making. This work is a survey, where we present works, challenges and dangerous part of using artificial intelligence on UAVs.