Reliability analysis of lifetime of hydrocarbons pipeline transportation

Type : Article de conférence
Auteur(s) :  O. GHELLOUDJ, D. ZELMATI, S. Achouri, A. GHARBI, M. BOUREBIA, D. BERDJANE, M. Behim
Année :  2019
Domaine : Génie mécanique
Conférence: 18th European Conference on Applications of Surface and Interface Analysis ECASIA’19
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Mots clés :  pipelines, Reliability, Defect, mechanical models, corrosion

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The transportation of hydrocarbons to the means of manufactured of steel tubes for pipelines is the most economical and safest long distances. The sustainability of pipelines, the major concern of hydrocarbon transporters. The present work is a contribution to the analysis of the service life of a high yield strength steel API 5L X70. The mechano-reliability approach is based on the calculation models of the lifetime of pipelines under localized corrosion (defects, cracking, etc.). The investigation was carried out by applying standard and standardized mechanical models: ASME B31G, modified B31G, Batelle, DNV and Shell. The degradation models are used to assess the probability expressed by the index of reliability (β) through the dimensions of the defects based on the operating pressures. The importance of the calculation variables shows that the interaction of the trio, the thickness, the pressure of service and the depth of the defect, are predominant.