Two dimensional heat transfer numerical model for secondary cooling in continuous casting process

Auteurs :  H. Tayoub, H. Bendjama, K. Hamlaoui, K. SLIMANI, S. AOUABDI
Année : 2019
Domaine : Sciences des matériaux
Type : Communication
Conférence: 2nd International Conference on Sustainable Science and Technology (ICSuSaT-2019)
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Mots clés : Continuous casting of steel, secondary cooling, Heat transfer, Defect, solidification

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The continuous casting process is responsible by most of the steel manufacturing in the entire world while maximizing production output. Although the continuous casting of steel began almost 60 years ago, its production still suffers from several serious defects in the final product. Since the process is essentially a process of heat transfer between the metal and different cooling zones, the quality of slabs in the continuous casting can be strongly influenced by the temperature variation through the process of solidification. Therefore, the objective of the present work is to determine a 2D numerical model of solidification and heat transfer along different cooling zones of a secondary cooling during continuous casting process. Numerical model has been created and the obtained numerical results from the present model show that the optimal control of the cooling parameters in secondary cooling is inevitable in order to obtain high-quality final product and casting productivity. Numerical results were validated and the comparison shows that there is a good agreement with experimental measurements.