Effect of deformation on dry sliding wear behavior of 13Cr5Ni2Mo supermartensitic stainless steel

Auteurs :  Samira. Tlili, Chems Eddine RAMOUL, Soumaya MEDDAH, Amel OULABASS
Année : 2019
Domaine : Métallurgie
Type : Communication
Conférence: International Conference on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences (IC2MAS19)
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Mots clés : SMSS, mechanical properties, deformation, wear, friction

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During drilling, the tubings are subjected to tensile, compressive and torsional stresses. In this present work, the effect of deformation on wear of 13Cr5Ni2Mo SMSS in dry conditions is investigated using the tensile test. All samples were taken for the calibrated area of the 2%, 10% and 15% deformed specimens. The tribological tests were carried out at room temperature under a 6N against an alumina ball. The results showed that the deformed samples have the highest wear rate. Maximum wear rate was obtained for 2% deformed samples. This state can therefore affect the reliability of the material. The wear mechanisms involved were observed by scanning electron microscopy.