Time - frequency and time - scale representations for the ultrasonic Non Destructive Testing and Evaluation of materials with high structural noise.

Type : Article de conférence
Auteur(s) :  H. Dhifaoui, M. Khelil, J.H. Thomas, R. El Guerjouma, L. Simon
Année :  2007
Domaine : Electronique
Conférence: ICU 2007, Vienna (Austria), April 9-12, 2007
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Mots clés :  Non Destructive Testing and Evaluation, Stainless Steels Austenitic, Structural noise, Ultrasonic, Wavelet transform, welding

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Time - frequency and time-scale methods are proposed to perform the analysis of Non DestructiveTesting and Evaluation (NDTE) ultrasonic signals received during the inspection of stainless steels and thestainless steel welding. The non-homogeneous nature of such materials induces a very high level of structuralnoise which greatly complicates the interpretation of the NDTE signals. In such conditions, classical temporal orspectral signal processing is not effective. By combining the time domain and frequency analysis, the wavelettransform provides simultaneously spectral representation and temporal order of the signal decompositioncomponents and can give relevant information to separate the structural noise from other echoes present in thesignal in particular those of defects. A time-scale approach providing by the continuous wavelet transform is usedand some representations given by the cross wavelet transform are considered. The time-scale analyses show thatwe could separate in the time-frequency and time-scale representations, the structural noise from other echoespresent in the signal. This work opens new fields in the ultrasonic NDTE of materials with high structural noise asaustenitic steel and austenitic steel welding.