Characterization and valorization of steel co-products

Type : Article de conférence
Auteur(s) :  L. Tairi, B. Maalem, A. Boudiaf, D. BERDJANE, N. Ziani, H. Meradji, S. Ghemid
Année :  2018
Domaine : Physique
Conférence: 1er Séminaire National de physique et chimie des matériaux (SNPCM’1)18
Lieu de la conférence:  Skikda, Algerie
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Mots clés :  slag, Battitures, valorization, characterization

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The iron industries generate large quantities of slags and mill scale at different scales. We have focused on the physicochemical characterization of slag and battitures from the El Hadjar sideal complex. To evaluate the quality of these co-products, we first used particle size analysis by the laser method followed by density measurements. Finally a microstructural analysis by X-ray diffraction has been completed.