Electrical Circuit Constants Determination and Voltage Gain Measurement of Unloaded Rosen Type Piezoelectric Transformer Operating in First Mode

Auteurs :  Faiza Boukazouha, Hamza Barkat, Abderahim Herbadji, Abdesselam Rouabha, Mounia Guessoum, Kamel Sedda
Année : 2018
Domaine : Physique
Type : Communication
Conférence: International Conference on Electronics, Energy and Measurement, ICEEM’2018
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Mots clés : Equivalent circuit, High voltage, Measurements, Piezoelectric transformer, Voltage gain., Acoustic wave

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In this paper a voltage gain of 155 for anunloaded Rosen type piezoelectric transformer operatingat the first mode was successfully measured with aprecision of 5%. For this purpose, it was necessary toensure a good impedance matching along the measuringcircuit. Also, using the admittance circles obtained fromthe measured admittances, the PT equivalent circuitconstants were determined experimentally and foundmatching the calculated ones (model 1D). Precisions lessthan 10% have been reported.