Monitoring of Short-Circuit Fault in PMW Voltage Source Inverter Based on Fuzzy Logic System

Auteurs :  Hichem MERABET, Djalel DRICI, Tahar Bahi, Khouloud BEDOUD
Année : 2018
Domaine : Electrotechnique
Type : Communication
Conférence: International Seminar in Industrial Engineering and Applied Mathematics
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Mots clés : diagnosis, Short sircuit fault, Fuzzy logic, modeling, similation

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In this paper we present a reliable strategy for monitoring of short circuit switch faults in Plush Width Modulation of voltage source inverter (PWM-VSI) using the fuzzy logic approach. The principle of the proposed approach is based on the acquisition of stator currents, to calculate the average absolute values of currents (AAVC), which allows the real-time detection and localization of inverter IGBT, short-circuit faults using just the motor phase currents. A model of the system is built using MATLAB/SIMULINK. Simulation results are presented showing the monitoring approach performance under distinct operating conditions