Application of the Algerian diatomite in adsorption of diclofenac

Auteurs :  Ouafia Ghabeche1, 2, Skander Boukhezar1, Mohamed Boulkra1, Hazem Meradi1, Sihem Benayeche1, Hinda Gueroui1, Naima Touati1, Kotbia Labiod1, Fayçal Aouadja1, Ouafia Ghabeche, Skander Boukhezer, Mohamed BOULKRA, Hazem MERADI, Sihem BENAYACHE, Hinda Gueroui, Naima Touati, kotbia LABIOD
Année : 2018
Domaine : Métallurgie
Type : Communication
Conférence: 25TH International Symposium on metastable, amorphous and nanostructured materials
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Mots clés : diatomite, mesoporous, absorption, diclofenac sodic, drug carrier, encapsulation

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Mesoporous amorphous silica of non-toxic nature has interesting properties, in particular, its relatively large surface area, pores with adjustable diameter and abundant Si-OH bonds. The functionalization of this silica transforms it into an ideal candidate for biological applications such as cell marking, gene transfection or as contrast agents in MRI and especially in drug delivery systems. In this study, we try to use a natural amorphous silica: Algerian diatomite, for encapsulation and carrier of Diclofenac (DS), in this order, diatomite must be purified; the choice of purification mode plays an important role in the organization and volume pore of the final product. We use hydrochloric acid HCl (1%, 10%, 20%) for oxide removal, and then we test the treated diatomite in the absorption of the DS.