Reconstruction of Tomographic Images From Limited Projections Using TVcim-p Algorithm.

Auteurs :  Abdessalem BENAMMAR, Aicha ALLAG, Redouane DRAI
Année : 2018
Domaine : Electronique
Type : Communication
Conférence: International Conference on Mathematical Advances and Applications (ICOMAA2018)
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Mots clés : image reconstruction, Total Variation Minimization, SIRT, Cimmino method

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Computed tomography (CT) has great impact in many fields such as medical applications, industrial inspection, etc... Low dose constraints and Limited projection are common problems in a variety of tomographic reconstruction examples which lead to wrong data. In this work, we propose a method of CT reconstruction based on the simultaneous iterative reconstruction techniques SIRT improved by imposing positivity constraint in the total variation (TVcim-p). We test our method with on Shepp-Logan phantom and different reconstruction methods. The results show that the proposed algorithm can gives images with quality comparable to other algorithms.