Metallic and organic contamination of Oued Meboudja waters Located in Annaba in northeastern of Algeria

Auteurs :  A. Bendjama, T. CHOUCHANE, A. Boukari, S. Faci
Année : 2018
Domaine : Chimie
Type : Communication
Conférence: Sixth International Water Forum Conference
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Mots clés : pollution, water, streams, discharge, contamination, heavy metals

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Wadi Meboudja located in the city of Annaba in northeastern of Algeria communicates directly with Wadi Seybouse, the latter drains one of the main basins of Algeria and flows directly into the Mediterranean Sea near the commune of Sidi Salem City of Annaba. It should be noted that Meboudja waters are used for agricultural irrigation in the region. This use is aimed at market gardening, knowing that the Oued Meboudja watercourse receives wastewater discharges from the pont-Bouchet industrial zone and the biggest steel complex in Africa. For this purpose, knowledge of the physicochemical parameters of the water is important. Samples were taken according to the standards. The results obtained show a strong organic and metallic pollution at the stations subjected to industrial discharges such as the S3 and S4 stations.