Phased array B-scan image enhancement based oncontinuous wavelet transform and Shannon energyalgorithm

Type : Article de conférence
Auteur(s) :  Ahmed Benyahia, Abdessalem BENAMMAR, Abderrezak GUESSOUM
Année :  2017
Domaine : Electronique
Conférence: 2nd International Conference on Automatic control, Telecommunication and Signals (ICATS’17)
Lieu de la conférence:  Annaba, Algerie
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Mots clés :  phased array, Defects enhancement, CWT, Shannon energy, Mexican hat wavelet

Résumé : 

In this work, we describe a novel algorithm for ultrasonic phased array signalsenhancement, based on continuous wavelet transform using the Mexican Hat wavelet mother(CMHWT) and normalized Shannon Energy (SE). The use of signal processing algorithms indefect detection gives generally very satisfactory results. Time–frequency analysis methods aremainly used to improve the defects detection resolution. Performance improvement is confirmedwhen the proposed approach is tested with B-scan signals containing delamination closer to thefront face. This work has successfully demonstrated that the proposed method can improve thequality of ultrasound B-scan signal.