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Particle Swarm Optimization Of Fuzzy Penalty For 3D Image Reconstruction In X-Ray

Auteurs : A.M.T. Gouicem, M. Yahi, A. Taleb-Ahmed, R. Drai
Année : 2010
Domaine : Electronique
Type : Communication
Conférence: Conférence Internationale sur le Soudage, le CND et l’Industrie des Métaux, IC-WNDT-MI’10
Résumé en PDF : (résumé en pdf)
Fulltext en PDF : (.pdf)
Mots clés : 3 D Computed Tomography, Non destructive testing, Bayesian Inference, Fuzzy inference, Particle Swarm Optimization

Résumé :

Engineers last year's works only on the 2D image data, to perceive defects in the CT images. This was a handicap facing the challenge of determining the 3D exact defect form. This paper presents a method for 3D image reconstruction, the most interesting in non destructive testing (NDT) especially due to its application in industrial imaging. We propose a new combined approach using particle swarm optimization (PSO) and fuzzy inference penalty, which will be helpful to elevate the hard inverse problem of 3 D computed tomography