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Signal to noise enhancement using wavelets and split spectrum processing. Application to defect detection by ultrasonics

Auteurs : DRAI Redouane, Khelil Mohamed, Benchaala Amar
Année : 2001
Domaine : Electronique
Type : Communication
Conférence: Ultrasonic International 2001, 2-5 juillet 2001 (Pays-Bas).
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Mots clés : NDT, Ultrasonics, Split spectrum techniques, digital wavelets transform, Signal to noise ratio

Résumé :

In ultrasonic techniques, information on defects characterization possibilities have required more evolved techniques development than classical methods. to obtain a high probability of defect detection, these methods use signal processing algorithms in order to enhance signal to noise ration. In this paper, some signal processing algoritms mike split spectrum processing (SSP) and wavelets are developed and implemented on computer allowing their utilization in ultrasonics NDT results processing.