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Copper Oxide Thin Films Deposited by Radiofrequency Magnetron Sputtering: 1Photovoltaic Applications

Auteurs : R. TADJINE, A. HAOUIMI, M.M. ALIM, M. Kechouane
Année : 2016
Domaine : Sciences des matériaux
Type : Communication
Conférence: 7th African Conference on Non Destructive Testing ACNDT 2016 & the 5th International Conference on NDT and Materials Industry and Alloys (IC-WNDT-MI)
Résumé en PDF : (résumé en pdf)
Fulltext en PDF : (.pdf)
Mots clés : solar cells, Copper oxide thin films, Magnetron sputtering

Résumé :

An unbalanced radiofrequency magnetron sputtering, at low pressure argon-oxygen gas mixture, was used to elaborate copper oxide films. Analyses of the deposited layers by X-ray diffraction (XRD), spectrometry UV-VIS-NIR and electrical resistivity measurement were carried out to assist and optimize the method. The apparition of CuO and/or CuO phases is affected by the experimental plasma parameters. So it’s important to find the best operating range ensuring the correct stoichiometry and giving the preferred phase. The results showed a changing films color with resistivity ranging from 10 to 570Ωcmandfilmsthicknessfrom0.24to2.2μm.