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Numerical Investigations of a Reconfigurable Patch Antenna using Thin Ferrite Film

Auteurs : M. Boudjerda, A. Reddaf, K. FERROUJI, I. Messaoudene, I. BOUCHACHI
Année : 2016
Domaine : Electronique
Type : Communication
Conférence: 5th International Conference on Welding, Non Destructive Testing and Materials and Alloys Industry (IC-WNDT-MI’16)
Résumé en PDF : (résumé en pdf)
Fulltext en PDF : (.pdf)
Mots clés : patch antenna, Reconfigurability, Ferrite thin film, Resonance frequency, Magnetization

Résumé :

The aim of this work consists of a design and a numerical study of a reconfigurable patch antenna by integrating a thin film of ferrite with a thickness of 50 μm. This antenna is printed on a magneto-dielectric composite substrate. The application of a static magnetic field, that strongly influences the permeability of the ferrite, allows the agility control of the resonant frequency. For this purpose, a patch antenna is studied and designed to operate at 2.45 GHz (suitable for Wi-Fi applications). The obtained results show that the proposed antenna can achieve a tuning in resonant frequency range of 5-87 MHz.