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Contribution of the comprehension of nanostructured (Fe65Co35) and (Fe65Co35)90Cr10 some structural and magnetic properties

Auteurs : S.Mebrek, S.Benalia, M.Zergoug, D. E.Mekki, N.Haine
Année : 2016
Domaine : Sciences des matériaux
Type : Communication
Conférence: 5th International Conference on Welding, Non Destructive Testing and Materials and Alloys Industry IC-WNDT-MI’16
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Mots clés : Mechanical alloying; Ternary systems; VSM.

Résumé :

In this study, binary (Fe65Co35) and ternary (Fe65Co35)90Cr10 nano-structered powders have been synthesized by a mechanical alloying process, usually used in order to obtain soft magnetic systems.For this purpose, elemental Fe, Co and Cr, of 99.9, 99.8 and 99.5 % purity, respectively, were milled for different times, from ranging 1 h to 36 hours.In a second step, the obtained nano-powders were characterized by X-Ray diffraction (XRD), Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), Vibratory Sample Magnetometer (VSM) and Eddy currents techniques.Preliminary results showed a complete phase formation of (Fe65Co35) and (Fe65Co35)90Cr10 at 12h. Moreover, the respective behaviors of the saturation magnetization, Ms, the residual field, Br, and the coercitivity, Bc, were investigated.For (Fe65Co35), Br and Bs have similar evolutions i.e., a decrease between 8h and 24h, followed by an increase shape. In the other hand, it appears that Br, Bs and Hc have high values, suggesting that Hc this system is magnetically hard. Cr presence, in (Fe65Co35)90Cr10, amplifies the maximum value of Hc, while maintaining similar behavior, for brand Br, in the case of (Fe65Co35)90Cr10.