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Study and elaboration of silver nanoparticles supported on titanium oxide

Auteurs : D.BelfennacheN. Keghouche
Année : 2016
Domaine : Physique
Type : Communication
Conférence: la 5th International Conference on Welding, Non Destructive Testing and Materials and Alloys Industry (IC-WNDT-MI’16),
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Mots clés : Nanoparticules; Ag, TiO2, AgTi; catalysts.

Résumé :

In This work, we study silver nanoparticles supported on titanium oxide, prepared by impregnation with ionic exchange. In a first stage, the fixing conditions of the metal precursor on titanium oxide are optimized. In the second stage, the samples are calcined at various temperatures (T=250, 350, 500°C). Several experimental techniques are used for the characterization of the samples at the various stages of their elaboration (SEM, DRX, FTIR). A change of morphology of the oxide titanium grains was observed by Scanning Electron Microscope. The X-rays diffraction made it possible to evidence the formations of nanoparticles AgTi of near size 2.5nm in the case of Ag/TiO2 calcined at 250°C. At superior temperature, its size increases following the phenomenon of coalescence. The spectrometry FTIR allowed to observe peaks of vibration of links Ti-O, Ti-OH, and Ti-O-Ti.