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Detection Of Defects In The Materials By Using The Heat Equation.

Auteurs : S.Boulkroune, M.Chaour, A.boudiaf, S.Benchiheub
Année : 2016
Domaine : Génie mécanique
Type : Communication
Conférence: Global Advanced Materials & Surfacesconference (GAMS 2016)
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Mots clés : detect defects, Finite difference method, solid material

Résumé :

We propose a numerical study of heat transfer whose objective is to detect defects in a solid material in the presence of the fault, and see how the fault influences the transfer of heat by the the variation in temperature in a solid material. The finite difference method has been used to solve the governing equations. The numerical simulations were made for a wide range of thermal conductivity numbers ( ), and the temperature of the walls in order to determine a correlation that connects the temperature according to the thermal conductivity for different materials.