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Effective phosphorus deactivation in schottky diodes hydrogenated in MW-ECR plasma reactor

Auteurs : D. Belfennache, D. Madi, N. Brihi
Année : 2016
Domaine : Physique
Type : Communication
Conférence: "8th International Conference on Modelling Identification Control (ICMIC-2016)"
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Mots clés : Key words: Schottky diodes, C-V, hydrgenation, Si, plasma, neutralization.

Résumé :

In This work, we will bigin from the pratical of schottky diodes manufacteure in the processing monocrystallin Si doped with phosphors and mesrment de vice of the characteristic C-V. We have turned back to the side face of doping in monocrystallin Si before and after the hydrgènation allow to analyse the behavior of hudrogène in the Si and to follow the phosphorus profil developement. The températeur of the hydrogènation shows the rate of desactivation of phosphorus in a complex manner .Indeed, as the hydrgenation temperateur increases, desactivation of phosphorus also increases until saturation at 250°C. At higher temperateur, low or even no complex PH existed due to their dissociation under a purely thermal effect.the same behaviour was confirmed by long hydrgenation.