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Selection of the Most Suitable DecompositionLevel for Multi-Resolution Analysis

Auteurs : A. Boudiaf, A. Saadoune, H. Bendjama, A. Y. Kadri
Année : 2016
Domaine : Génie électrique
Type : Communication
Conférence: Conférence Internationale en Sciences et Technologies Electriques au Maghreb 2016
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Mots clés : Vibration Analysis; Bearing Fault Diagnosis; Fast Fourier Transform (FFT); Multi-resolution Analysis (MRA) ; Crest Factor (CF).

Résumé :

Multi-Resolution Analysis (MRA) is an excellenttool for fault diagnosis inducing periodic shocks such as gears andbearings and has been applied extensively for conditionmonitoring of machine and their components. Unfortunately,there are three problems in wavelet transform, which are theselection of the suitable mother wavelet, the choice ofdecomposition level and its frequency band which contains thenecessary information for faults diagnosis. In order to solve themajority problems of Multi-resolution Analysis (MRA), wepropose in this work a novel technique to select the most suitabledecomposition level for Multi-Resolution Analysis for bearingfaults diagnosis. This novel technique based on Hilbert Transform(HT), and Crest Factor (CF) .It is applied on real measurementsignals collected from an experimental vibration system. Themonitoring results indicate that the proposed method improvesthe bearing faults diagnosis compared to other commontechniques.