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Influence porosities on the guided waves propagation in elastic plates

Auteurs : N. Harhad, N. Behloul, A. Abbas, A. Mebtouche, M. Tazerout
Année : 2015
Domaine : Physique
Type : Communication
Conférence: The Canadian International Conference on "International Conference on Healthcare , Applied Science, Engineering and Technology Research"
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Mots clés : Plate with porosity, Lamb waves, reflected/converted waves, finite element model.

Résumé :

In this paper an aluminum plate that contains a porosity on its surface is studied. Guided waves are used to investigate the plate. The porosity is a half-circular cavity which its maximum ray represents 16% of the plate thickness. The propagation of a single S0 symmetric and A0 antisymetric Lamb waves in the plate (Hanhui et al., 2011) is numerically studied with a finite element model (COMSOL, 2013). Interaction of Lamb waves with the porosity gives rise to reflected/converted waves (Alleyne et al., 1992). These phenomena are qualitatively and quantitatively studied.In the first part of this work, the interaction of the incident Lamb waves at a fixed frequency with a cavity for which three ray values are attributed is studied. In the second part, the interaction of the incident Lamb waves at different frequencies with a cavity of a fixed value ray is studied. The results demonstrate correlation between the reflected/converted waves apparitions and the incident wave frequency. The reflection coefficient is evaluated in the aim to determine the influence of the cavity ray values on the reflected/converted waves amplitude. Sensibility of S0 symetric and A0 antisymetric waves was also demonstrated.