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Formulation of Mumford and Shah Problem by a multiphase level set

Auteurs : N.RAMOU
Année : 2015
Domaine : Electronique
Type : Communication
Conférence: International Conference on Advances in Applied Mathematics
Résumé en PDF : (résumé en pdf)
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Mots clés : Level set, welding defect, image segmentation.

Résumé :

The radiographic image segmentation of defect is a typically task performed manually by an expert has a subjective interpretation. Tools for automatic segmentation are required to perform this task quickly, objectively and repetitively. In this paper we propose a multiphase level set framework for radiographic image segmentation using the Mumford and Shah piecewise smooth model. The proposed method is also a generalization of an active contour model without edges based 2-phase segmentation. Finally, we validate the proposed models by numerical results for radiographic image denoising and segmentation